Help 4 Harleigh Bake Sale!

Hello! Happy February!

I’ve been completely MIA lately up here, because I honestly haven’t been eating much sugar, so therefore not baking or posting much! I do have some delightful new gluten-free recipes coming up – Chocolate Chip Coffee Cake muffins, a few tea Madeleines, and a Pistachio Layer Cake from the Milk Bar Mondays group! – but in this New England wintery weather I’ve been enjoying hibernating and staying warm and off my feet more than anything.

One of my little “resolutions” of sorts is actually being opposed by today’s post: I am going to do less baking events for good causes. These compound during the holidays, and I love doing each and every one. But they take a few more spoons of energy than my body has at this point (click here for the story of what I mean by spoons), and because I use all organic and high-quality gluten-free flours, I would actually often be giving more by donating money than baked goods. Obviously we do this mostly for the community support such events bring, which is why I always say “yes” when I’ve told myself to say, “I’m sorry, no”.

But then something starts going around the Twittersphere, and my heart melts:


This is Harleigh, the beautiful niece of blogger Mark at  Javelin Warrior’s Cookin with Luv. I’ve never met Mark. I’d never read his blog. But I know how hard medical bills are to tackle. And I can’t imagine having to deal mentally with the idea of growing bills while you want to be focusing on giving your little one all the love and support and laughter she can handle while going through something so painful. This is from Mark:

“This bake sale benefits my 3-year-old niece in her battle with a brain tumor. Harleigh is currently undergoing chemo, physical and speech therapy, but she’s continuing to smile and brighten the lives of everyone around her. Harleigh’s road to recovery will be both long and expensive, so we’re hoping this bake sale will generate a tidal wave of encouragement and support while helping to defray the medical costs. Because this little girl needs all the help she can get.”

Ach, my heart!

So tomorrow, February 18th, please bid on the many delicious baked goods, books at cooking equipment other bloggers and Cake Boss are donating to Help 4 Harleigh. Please give as generously as your wallet allows, and be part of the community easing just a tiny bit of the burden on this family. I’m donating a dozen extra-large Gluten-Free Compost Cookies from Christina Tosi’s Milk Bar cookbook. They’re insanely delicious and should be called Crack Compost Cookies. In addition, if you win the bid for these cookies and mention to Mark that you found the bake sale through my blog or my Facebook or Twitter feed or whatever, I’ll send you whatever I’m working on while I make your cookies, and I promise to make it delicious. And (if you’ll let me) I’ll thank you personally in the post for that recipe. I’ll link to your blog / facebook page / whatever. Let’s help Mark help Harleigh.

So how do you make this deliciousness your own?
  1. Head to on Tuesday, February 18th at 7AM
  2. Drool over all the deliciousness
  3. Email your bids to
  4. Check back throughout the day to make sure you haven’t been outbid
  5. Send payment for your winnings via PayPal
  6. Receive your goodies within 10 days

For more specifics on the bake sale and for a preview of all that’s being offered, see the Help 4 Harleigh page. If you have questions, email Mark at

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

- Jacqueline xoxo

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One response to “Help 4 Harleigh Bake Sale!

  1. You are so generous and awesome for doing this, Jacqueline! I completely understand the decision to trim back on contributing to bake sales or other events as I know how the expenses can start to pile up. Ingredients, shipping costs, time, etc. Which makes your decision to contribute for Harleigh even MORE generous. I’m so grateful and I cannot express how thankful I am for your help and caring words…