Flour, a red apron, a rooftop and New York City.

Hi. I’m Jacqueline.

I write about chefs, and I bake with alternative ingredients. 

Since the age of 12 I’ve lived with varying affects of Lyme Disease, which shaped my relationship with food from the moment I saw my first nutritionist and my body learned to heal itself.  I’ve been off the gluten bandwagon for decades now, but I’m the last to preach about the health or harm of a food for any human being other than myself.  I use food as medicine, yoga and meditation as magic, and honest self-reflection to keep my illness at bay.  I am aware of what I put into my body but do not “diet”, as food is my friend.  Life’s all about the balance, folks.

I love food.

I don’t see my health issues as banners to be waved around.

I respect chefs. I speak politely with servers.

I was on staff at the gluten-free Easy Eats magazine, where I built recipes, planned articles and curated and edited all blog content. For several years now I’ve interviewed some insanely inspiring chefs for various magazines and websites, and I partner with the incredible food and lifestyle photographer Brent Herrig, whose photos you sometimes see here.  For a bit I was a private “chef”, and now am content to build recipes for home dinner parties instead.  I pull a lot of that together on WordsFoodArt.com.  I’m exhausted pretty much all the time nowadays, and am often on something to temper the pain, too, but overall I’m a pretty happy gal.

This blog now focuses primarily on Pro Pastry, Gluten Free; recipes I’ve adapted from chefs I’ve worked with, published in tandem with reviews of their work or full pieces we’ve done together over on WordsFoodArt. 

My recipes aren’t the “use your favorite all-purpose flour” kind.  Some are adaptable with whatever blend you use, but when trying to get the balance of starch and protein for a particular recipe, a lot of ingredients are going to be listed.  I’ll try to explain them and alternatives as best I can, but always feel free to drop a comment or email if something confuses you.  I work with chefs who spend a lot of time getting a recipe right, so if I’m going to attempt to make something worthy of their contributions, I figure I’d better take my kitchen more seriously, too.

I’ll also occasionally be posting recipes under the title Battle: Inflammation.  These are easy, adaptable recipes that are in my arsenal for when my inflammation is particularly frustrating.  I’m neither particularly vocal or particularly shy about my illness, as it’s just a part of my relatively healthy, whole life, but always feel free to email me with questions on that as well.

I live in NYC by the Hudson River with my dog, Mitra (who has a horrible addiction to prosciutto and sheep cheese, bless her tiny heart) and many pieces of cooking equipment of formidable weight.

DB-Spatula-logo-small   Thank you for visiting.

    Wishing you peace, love and health,



Oh! And why Dusty?  Come into my kitchen and watch me bake.  ‘Nuff said.

I’d love to hear from you!

Email: jacqueline@thedustybaker.com


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