Final cake collage

I baked a wedding cake in the Carribbean!

Thank you!

Dear friends and readers,

Thanks for stopping by The Dusty Baker – again and again and again!

I can no longer contribute regularly to this site, sadly, but encourage you to explore the recipes and stories that I’ve loved sharing over the years. I haven’t been baking a lot lately, primarily because I’ve been dealing with recurring symptoms the past few years that have limited my diet a touch, but also because work has shifted from blogging and blogging events to writing for other clients regularly.

I’m currently working on my book – Plates and Portaits – which has recently signed with representation and will continue forward in the fall. I have a few regular columns for Serious Eats and Tasting Table, and am writing features for Plate magazine, plus continuning to develop pitches and articles for chefs as a ghostwriter (and hopefully will soon be able to announce another book I’ll be working on)!

Please feel free to email me at jacqueline@thedustybaker.com if you have any gluten-free baking questions, or connect with me on Twitter and Instagram.

And if you’re curious as to the incredibly fun pieces I get to write for other people, head over to WordsFoodArt.com, where I often link pieces and put up full versions of interviews with some of my favorite chefs.

In peace, love and health,

- Jacqueline 

I love each and every note you leave - thanks!

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