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Jacqueline Raposo - photo Chris Sandas - WordsFoodArt.com

Hi! I’m Jacqueline!

I write about interesting humans, I produce podcasts, and I have a long history of baking delicious things for others. 

Since the age of 12, I’ve lived with varying long-term effects of Lyme disease (long story). This shaped how I eat from the moment my body learned to heal itself through food and vitamin supplementation. I’ve been off gluten for decades, but I’m the last to preach about the health or harm of a food for any human being. I have fluctuating relationships with sugar, dairy, nightshades, and other foods. I am aware of what I eat but do not “diet”, as I still consider my friend.  Life’s all about the balance, folks.

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

I rarely post actively on this site anymore – my energy now focuses on telling the stories of others. But there are hundreds of recipes here, so feel free to scroll through the categories (on the right) or try your luck with that handy search bar. Please keep in mind that most of the personal information on the site is outdated, so connect with me on Instagram or Twitter if you’re curious about my current goings on. For my work as a writer and radio host, find me at wordsfoodart.com.

And, of course, email me at jacqueline@thedustybaker.com if you have any specific questions about the recipes or me!



 Thank you for visiting.

    Wishing you peace, love, and health,

    Jacqueline xo

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