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Jacqueline Raposo - photo Chris Sandas - WordsFoodArt.com

Hi! I’m Jacqueline!

I write about chefs, I host a radio show, and I have a long history of baking delicious things and cooking for others. 

Since the age of 12, I’ve lived with varying long-term affects of Lyme disease (I don’t have it actively right now), which shaped my relationship with food from the moment my body learned to heal itself through food and vitamin supplementation.  I’ve been off gluten for decades, but I’m the last to preach about the health or harm of a food for any human being other than myself. I am aware of what I put into my body but do not “diet”, as food is my friend.  Life’s all about the balance, folks.

For several years now I’ve worked with some insanely inspiring chefs for various magazines and websites, pulling my work together on WordsFoodArt.com (and you can find my portfolio here).  I was on staff at the gluten-free Easy Eats magazine, where I built recipes, wrote features and curated/edited their blog content. For a bit I was a private “chef”, but now I’m content to cook for friends instead. And now I’m the host of Love Bites on Heritage Radio Network, “where dating and dining collide.”

I don’t post on this site anymore – my energy is focused on writing about others who make food, and not the food itself. But there are hundreds of recipes up here, so feel free to scroll through the categories (on the right, here) or try your luck with that handy search bar. Please keep in mind that most of the personal information on the site is a bit dated right now, so check out my portfolio here if you’re curious as to what I and my body are up to recently. And, of course, email me at jacqueline@thedustybaker.com if you have any specific questions about the recipes or me!



 Thank you for visiting.

    Wishing you peace, love and health,


Email: jacqueline@thedustybaker.com

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