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Online Bake Sale for Japan

Hi there dusty food friends.

I’m not going to try to begin to encase my thoughts into mere words in regards to what’s happening in Japan.  In this circumstance one feels even more helpless than usual, as the threat of radiation keeps volunteer organizations (wisely) reticent to flock as generously as they might to aid on the ground.   And while I have much respect / awe for my journalist boyfriend and his colleagues, I am selfishly thankful that he is not there.

Which brings me back to little steps.  I am humbled by those who so generously give their time and energy into constantly helping others in uncountable ways.  I am so fortunate to learn from my friends who work in the media and for non-profit organizations around the globe, and I find myself listening intently as they offer their stories and opinions as to what is happening on the ground in places I have never been, with people living extremely different lives than I.

But I believe in little steps.  By donating to organizations that provide education, supplies and comfort (and being smart at which organizations do so with the best use of my dollars), I can support those who bring positive change across the globe.

So I’m participating in an Online Bake Sale to Help Japan, organized by blogger The Tomato Tart. Proceeds will (appropriately) be donated to Second Harvest Japan, who are working to bring much-needed food to those affected by the disaster.

I’m debating between a scone (pumpkin, lavender or chocolate macadamia nut) or a French macaron, either with a green tea filling or some sort of chocolate ganache. Opinions / comments are more than welcome.

And please go to Tomato Tart on March 30th to bid on baked goods from 60 incredible food bloggers!

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