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Country Road Take Me Home

It’s been too long since I’ve been in my kitchen.  Or blogged, especially when I had prepped blogs of recipes I created before packing up the car once again and heading out of New York City.  This time I trekked across open fields on seemingly endless highways to Cincinnati, where I lived briefly for a year and where many lovely people I treasure still live.

I stayed with friends who so generously opened their home to me and my increasingly energetic and brave pup.  I taught acting to 5-11 year-olds at two different schools, and enjoyed an immense feeling of fulfillment in their growth and my own as a teacher.  I attended pot luck dinners, watched the sun set at a winery while listening to quiet music with a friend, met new faces at my favorite underground jazz club, took in an opera, and watched fireworks dance atop the Ohio River post baseball game.

I caught up with many friends – most of whom I keep in touch with regularly but also a surprise visit with someone I haven’t spoken to in a long time.  The trip was a delightful reminder of how flexible time is, and how transient your feelings towards people and places may or may not be depending on time and circumstance.  There were many ghosts with me – friends who I shared countless memories in moments I would live over in a second.  But it was also refreshing to see how much has changed here.  And how little.

In about 12 hours I pack up the car once again.  My trunk is full of single barrel Kentucky bourbon, clean Ohio wine, Grippos potato chips and updated lesson plans.  I’ll stop at my favorite market, Findlay Market, to pick up some mouth-watering bacon from Kroger and Sons and sample Michael’s newest sorbetto creations at Dojo Gelato.  I may just stop at Ms. Helen’s for some soul food and Taste of Belgium for some waffles to bring home for the family (even though I can’t eat them they’re so good SOMEONE has to).

Then back to  New York City, where I’ll spruce up my apartment for summer visitors (new kitchen tiles and such – yay!), remind my dog that she lives in an apartment in Washington Heights and not a house in Kentucky, and get back to baking.

I rarely put out blogs without recipes or reviews.  And I can’t wait to tackle both again.

Until then, check out my review of ‘inoteca on Bromography and here’s a few favorite photos of the past two weeks.

Teaching my 5-7 year olds how to create robot characters with their bodies. They succeeded admirably, but really shined the next day with zombies, monsters and ghosts. Photo Tuesday 6/28, 2011. The Enquirer/Cara Owsley

Schwartz Point Jazz Club in Over the Rhine

Tree in the garden of Highland Coffeehouse, Clifton

Tucked in a corner of Highland Coffeehouse, Clifton

Highland Coffeehouse, Clifton

The Great American Ball Park on the Ohio River - downtown Cincinnati

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