A September 11th Tribute to Abdoulaye Kone

Abdoulaye Kone, Age 37

Abdoulaye Kone was from the Ivory Coast and a father of two who lived in the Bronx.

He went to culinary school in France before immigrating to the U.S., and there he practiced his French along with his native Mandingo.  He also spoke English, German, Spanish and a little Italian.

Pastry was Abdoulaye’s passion, and that’s why he was in the World Trade Center towers when they collapsed on September 11th.  A skilled pastry chef, he worked at Windows of the World, and perished along with many of his coworkers.

His wife Celestine said that pastry was indeed a passion – he collected his recipes with photographs in large binders.   Incredibly intelligent and well-educated, he had worked his way up to Windows of the World after starting work in the states at a 5 and Dime store.  He had ambitions to open his own business.

On rare days off Kone would spend time with his two children, whom he liked to say he “worked for”.  This family man proudly lived to provide for his family.

Unfortunately not much is to be found on Abdoulaye Kone on the web, but I’m positive he lives on in the hearts of his wife, children, family and dear friends.

This tribute was written as part of Project 2996.  I picked the first six names on the list who had not been written yet, and am posting one every day in the week leading up to September 11th, 2011.  To read my initial post on this organization and to donate to The Feel Good Foundation, an advocacy group for first responders affected by serving on September 11th, please CLICK HERE.

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