Gluten Free Irish Carob Cupcakes

Sometimes this whole blogging thing trips me out.

I remember where I was when these were made and photographed last year.  Who I was with, what we were all doing, and the St. Pat’s party I was preparing for. 

Much has changed this year – not in a bad way.  But changed.

Today I’m leaving on a jet plane.  Don’t know if I’ll be back…

…Okay, I’ll be back next Tuesday.

My St. Patrick’s Day will be spent on a small island in the middle of the Azorean Atlantic.  In the morning – while you’re still sleeping here, my lovely New York City – I’ll be touring a vineyard, interviewing the proprietor on his ancient machines while my photographer clicks away.

Later we’ll meet up with some family at a park by a lake, where we’ll cook food in the ground, still hot from the volcano simmering quietly underneath.

There will be no green hats, or Guinness bombs, or my brother vomiting in my hallway and then denying it to everyone’s faces (in fairness he simply didn’t remember vomiting in my hallway, so he wasn’t lying…).

So in my absence I invite you to check out this Gluten Free Irish Carob Cupcake recipe.  And take a tiny walk down one gal’s lane o memories.


– Jacqueline


  1. Paula says:

    Enjoy your trip (be sure to fit in some personal time while on the island) and happy early St. Patrick’s to you!

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