Eating My Way Across Azorean Sao Miguel

For one week, I went without mobile phone and the internet, and it was lovely.

I spent that time driving a tiny rental car in standard gear around an island in the middle of the Azorean Atlantic.

I interviewed restaurant owners who had been cooking practically seven days a week for forty years.

I balanced on a ladder in the trees of my deceased grandparents’ garden, collecting a fruit for which we have no equivalent and I still don’t know how to spell.

I ate an incredible amount of fish, and fresh beef, and fruit, and drank more wine labeled “Red Table” than I would have though existed.

I found a vineyard behind a green tin wall.

I explored a pineapple plantation and questioned a fifth-generation pottery maker.

I held the last uncle of my grandfather’s generation so tightly.  His highly controversial political essays are still being published in the Azorean papers.

This weekend, a Foodbuzz 24×24 supper party and a Milk Bar Mondays Cinnamon Bun Pie adaptation, as well as interviews with Per Se’s Chef de Cuisine and one or two other chef names you may recognize.

Life is a juggling game, a balance.  I’m just trying to keep it all as delicious as possible.

Until my post on Sunday,



  1. Rachel @ My Naturally Frugal Family says:

    What a beautiful trip. I can’t wait to see what Sunday holds :)

  2. Basha says:

    I enjoyed reading your writing so far–am really curious about the Azores, as my grandfather’s parents on my mother’s side are from there, and I want, want, want, to visit myself. I would like to do a self-catering, so if you get a chance to visit grocery stores, and report on what’s available, I would love to read that. But if you are not taking writing suggestions from others, never mind. Just enjoy your stay! I was a baker once, but now I am grain and sugar-free.

  3. Cherie says:

    Love the photos of the heaping plater of cozida portuguesa, the green caldo verde soup, and lapas with so much yummy garlic. My grandparents were from S. Jorge, Azores, but I have also spent time on S. Miguel. It is a magical place. David Leite, whose parents are from S. Miguel has a lovely cookbook, “The New Portuguese Table”. From one Portuguese-American to another, thanks for sharing. Obrigada.

    • Thanks! I LOVE lapas! I couldnt find caracas that time of year, which made me sad. Next time I’ll go back in the summer months. Head to for more official stories of my time there and links to my work with my photographer on that trip!

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