I Chat With Chef Markus Jernmark and a Missed Milk Bar Monday!

Last night at around 9pm I sat down on the floor in my office at my dad’s house – empty and dark and quiet – and cried for about five minutes.

Life is just… full… right now.

I love everything I get to do… almost. But evidently it’s catching up with me. I cried for another 40 or so seconds today.

I need sleep. Everything is more dramatic when you’re sleep deprived.

I have a feeling more than 27 of you out there understand.

I picked 27 because it’s the first number that came to mind. No further reason.

Anyway, two fun things are out in the world today.

The first, my We Chat With… interview with Marcus Jernmark of Aquavit in NYC is out today on Serious Eats NY. I loved sitting down with Chef Marcus, and once again found myself rejuvenated and motivated by someone’s passion, dedication and sense of humor in the chaotic field of food. And his plates are seriously gorgeous and you want to eat them immediately – two things that don’t always go hand in hand in NYC nowadays. And look at that smile! Nice, nice guy. Click on the image to be directed to the interview. They come out Monday mornings, all by yours truly.

Chef Marcus Jermark, photo Brent Herrig Photography

The second, my Milk Bar Mondays ladies! I haven’t had enough days off to make the deliciously lengthy Christina Tosi Milk Bar creation for this week, which makes my heart sad. This week Audra of The Baker Chic and Erin of Big Fat Baker made a Sweet Corn Cereal Milk Ice Cream Pie that is about to set me into a third round of tears, it looks so good and I wish I had a gluten-dairy-free version waiting for me RIGHT NOW! I even bought the ingredients two weeks ago, then didn’t have a day to make the recipe. Sniff. Check out these beauties (and click the images to be directed to their sites). Only 2 of 6 of us posted this week… I have good feelings about the next one.  I hate missing this swap. But what can you do?

From Audra of The Baker Chic

From host Erin of Big Fat Baker

Now I’m back to balancing books, driving, transcribing, researching, chatting, eating and, always, inevitably, cooking.

Happy Monday folks,

– Jacqueline


  1. Count me in as 1 of the 27. Let it all go. Tears help me to get it out and then feel relaxed and ready to conquer the world afterwards. It makes me realize the tears are from stress that is a result of all the many balls I am able to juggle which then make me feel pretty darn special. I get it. Us bloggers usually also have full time jobs, families to take care of and many more responsibilities. We do it all and while most of us love it, our plates are full and it does get the better of us… typically more often than we like. You got this. You’re awesome. You’re a strong and powerful woman. Just make sure you tell yourself that often.

    • Thank you very, very much for that. I really appreciate it, and it helped me breathe a little easier. I do consider myself very fortunate, and all experiences to be lessons and periods for huge growth. And thanks for the mantra – got it going :)

  2. gargupie says:

    Great interview! I haven’t dined at Aquavit (since most noteable dishes are meat and seafood and I’m vegan), but sounds like a great place to be inspired by Nordic eats. :)

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