I Chat With: Rozanne Gold, Grande Dame of the NY Food Scene

Rozanne Gold, Photo Brent Herrig Photography

I admit, I was a tad nervous before my meeting with Rozanne Gold. It was the second of three pieces I had to do on my “day off” from cooking. I love swapping hats and going from the kitchen to the other side of the table. And I had a swanky menu (re)launch later in Brooklyn that night and anticipated that my interviewing day-wear was going to make me feel somewhat dusty amongst all the pretty people.

And then there was Rozanne… the 4-time James Beard award winner, who’s written 14 cookbooks, created menus for some of NYC’s classiest joints, and who has pretty much carved much of the food scene here into existence.

And then there was Rozanne… all warmth and friendliness. Awash with somewhat visible nerves and genuine interest in Brent and me. It ended up being a joyous two hours, and a session which I feel needs a Take Two.

Or a biography.

I’d buy it.

Until then, head over to Serious Eats NY for my interview with her.

And hit this for links to all of my interviews to date.

Bang this week out in style, dusty readers.

– Jacqueline

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