My Gluten-Free Easter: Pastel Tea Eggs, Portuguese Masa and Angel Food Cake


I’m not gonna lie: Easter is not my favorite holiday.

I don’t mind it at all, but as a lapsed Catholic it always brings up conflict within me. Not that I feel a need to be talked or worked through it, mind you, because I’m very content with my personal beliefs and practices. But my family is very Catholic and our shared holidays are still about, primarily, faith.

I’m all cool with Jesus and Mary.
But here’s where the conflict comes in: homosexuality, abortion, gender inequality. There’s no need to even explain what the conflicts with those are.

I can’t take the good and leave the bad.

So, Easter conflicts me.

How’s that for a horrible introduction to some recipes?

What I can say that I love about Easter is, once again, the opportunity to join and celebrate with my family. Lil Sis now lives hundreds of miles away, so they take on even more meaning since the four siblings are not as regularly together. We eat, we drink, we nap, we play Cards Against Humanity (which I’m pretty sure the new Pope Francis would consider sinful if he read some of the cards), and we be.

So these are what I’m making for the people I love.

Because, after all, Jesus was all about love, right?

Happy Easter.

– Jacqueline

Pastel Tea Eggs, colored with teas!

Pastel Tea Eggs, colored with tea!

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  1. Thank you for the beautiful tea eggs. I’m thinking I’m gonna try that since we have so many eggs around, I can allow my son to color his the way he would like and i can color my own. :) They are eye candy for sure! :)

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