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Gluten-Free Tough Mudder Cookies! (Chocolate Chip, Coffee, Pretzel Walnut!)

Tough Mudder Cookies

I have a friend. On here I’m going to call her EM. She’ll know why.

I met EM at a production of The Fantastiks in Cincinnati, where I was finishing up my season performing at the Playhouse. She was playing the Girl, and I was understudying the mute and the fool, which probably paints a clear picture about my singing skills and odd range of casting.

There we became friendly, but back in New York we became friends. She is a dear, dear woman with a southern heart and northern ability to just get shit done. Every time I look out the window at a dark, gray sky I hum, “Soon it’s gonna rain, I can feel it, soon it’s gonna rain, rain pell-mell…” and think of EM and smile. Continue reading

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