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Gluten-Free Karidopita (Greek Walnut Cake)

Gluten-Free Greek Karidopita (Walnut Cake)

Gluten-Free Greek Karidopita (Walnut Cake)

I’m in Cincinnati. Yes, Cincinnati.

I lived here in 2009 and 2010, when I had the best possible internship a little actor could have wanted at the Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park, one of the country’s best regional theatres. I had just gotten over an extremely serious extended period of illness, when my totaled immune system had me so defeated that I’d quit my job and lay like a vegetable for a very long time while I worked with several doctors to get back on my feet again. I came to Cincy both strong yet sensitive, having had (mutually) ended a nine-year relationship (we’re still friends) and determined to get some sort of life back.

In Cincinnati I found a fresh start. I had one job, working eventually on eight shows in a ten-month period. I started figuring out who I was again, in a place where no one knew me as one crippled by my third blow of Lyme or as one half of a couple or as a workaholic actor/producer. It was a grand year, and I think sentimentally and fondly on it often.

I’m back now, three years later, to once again teach at the Playhouse for a few weeks, stretch out in the ample space here and drink in the waves of smiles around me. Continue reading

Gluten-Free French Lemon Madeleines (and a boost of blogging confidence)

Lemon Madeleines - TheDustyBakerI am a mess of many things.

I bake. I write about famous people who make food. I research articles. I develop recipes. I review events. I take photos in professional people’s kitchens. I blog. I manage my family business’ books. I walk hundreds of miles for breast cancer awareness. I don’t eat gluten. I used to write plays. I grew up with Lyme Disease. Sometimes now that stays hidden. Sometimes it doesn’t.

I’ve been having a hard time figuring out how that all comes together here.

I used to feel like I had a “voice” on this blog, one that was quirky and fun and so focused around the joy that is throwing flour in the air and making a mess and being all scrappy in NYC and not letting the whole gluten-free thing be the thing that stops someone from baking and being all dusty in the kitchen. And then two things happened; I started getting a lot more writing/cooking work and my Lyme Disease-related symptoms started making me not feel well again.

Bare honesty here: I don’t feel well a lot, nowadays. I do a lot of things through an incredible doc who does intensely focused plant-forward immune supporting regimens. I also take a combo of pain killers regulated through a pain management doctor I’ve trusted for over ten years. I also meditate, and work with a life coach, and keep a positive attitude, and sometimes let myself cry in the bathtub because in certain moments none of that seems to make a difference.

Sometimes I don’t know how to express this person I am in this body, at this point in my life.  I have a good life. I love my work, value my relationships and have a home that I adore. But I have a history, and even as I’ve tried to start sharing the reason why I’ve been on a gluten-free diet for twenty years, I’ve worried about how it will translate on here.

But then I had a conversation I really needed yesterday. Continue reading

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